The #1 Thing You Need To Build a Routine

The #1 Thing You Need To Build a Routine

Like most people, I was extremely inconsistent in business, my health and life in general. There were periods of time that I would crush it and periods where I would hide and not want to face the world. This inconsistency had me reaching a certain level of success but I would always hit a plateau, come back down, rise from it but get hit in the head with that very same plateau again.

What I learned is that you don’t need to be great to be consistent, but you must be consistent to be great. One of my mentors shared with me the idea of the net zero effect. In order to experience exponential growth, you must be consistent every. single. day. Not 4 out of 7 days, not 6 our of 7 days, but every single day. What happens when you miss a day or 2 or 3 is that you rob yourself of the momentum that you created. You go back to where you were and take away the opportunity to experience exponential growth.

You experience great days, weeks and months but then bad days, weeks and months. When you’re consistent, you don’t get lucky, you create opportunities. Those opportunities come when you least expect it and they are absolute game changers. Don’t believe me? Go and be consistent and report back. I guarantee you’ll grow.

So how do you become consistent? The #1 thing you can do is plan out your day, every day, the night before. This is critical. When you sleep at night, your subconscious takes over and manifests the outcome you want and desire. Again, don’t believe me? Go out and do it and report back.

This has totally changed my life and has allowed a lot of what I’m trying to accomplish to come to fruition. I’m still extremely far from where I want to be but that’s the fun part isn’t it? The consistent and persistent pursuit of my potential is what drives me. Not the outcome but the journey.

So go out, grab a piece of paper, plan out your day and take action on those items. And do that over and over and over again.

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