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Are you a Financial Advisor? Real Estate Agent? Mortgage Professional? In Sales?

Good. You’ve come to the right place to learn, grow and impact others.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just getting started or have been successful in this industry for years, times are changing and we are bold enough to go along for the journey.

See, the way we learn is different now, yet our industry hasn’t kept up with the times. If you don’t adapt and embrace change, you will be left behind. Trust me, I’ve felt this first hand which has led me to leaving my financial planning practice to make a difference in this community and help you learn the way you want to learn.

About David

When I knew I wasn’t going to be an astronaut or a professional baseball player, I knew I wanted to be a financial advisor. I never grew up with money or the wherewithal to know how to save and plan with it. I figured a career as a financial advisor could help fill both of those voids. My chance came in 2011 when I got the opportunity to start building my financial planning practice while finishing my senior year in college.

I knew I found something that I loved when I kept catching myself skipping classes to go out on client meetings. I loved the rush of meeting someone new and having an impact on them.

After 5 years of building my practice and coaching other advisors to do the same, I began to experience a burnout. I started to fall out of love with advising and kept falling into the trap of trying to make money rather than trying to help someone. This resulted in another 2 years of struggle.

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I wanted to thsnk David DeCelle for starting this amazing tool for success. I was lucky enough to start as an intern under David at Northwestern Mutual last year and am proud to say that if it wasn’t for his coaching, persistency and drive for success in not only himself but also in the people he coached I would not be in the position I am approaching graduation. He helped me realize fast that this career was for me and what to do in order to be on top.

Tyler Johnson, Northwestern Mutual

I was fortunate enough to have David as a coach the end of last year into 2018.

Dave is a one of a kind person as he truly does want to help as many people as he possibly can. He has helped me grow as a person both personally and professionally. I am very thankful to have him in my life today.

One of my biggest take aways from being coached by Dave personally is adding value to everything and everyone you can. This is something I was able to implement immediately. I have applied it to my personal and professional life and I already see positive results.

Evan Rodrigue, Northwestern Mutual

After having my first coaching session with David I wanted to share my experience with the group. Let me first say – it’s clear he’s doing exactly what he was meant to. I was reluctant at first as I had no prior coaching experience. That being said he quickly put any doubts I may have had to rest. As an advisor who’s new to the business it was great to hear how he achieved success at such a young age. His honest, results-oriented insight can be applied to your practice right away. Simply put the passion and enthusiasm he has, in addition to his real life experiences, will motivate you to be the best advisor you can be. Thank you, David!

Ryan Miller, Lifetime Financial Growth

I have to say that David’s coaching is amazing. I get so much out of it. I would challenge everyone to have a coaching session. Thank you David for all of your great advice, thanks for listening to me and understanding my goals, and thanks for your support!

Corey Walker, Northwestern Mutual

First LinkedIn video resulting in 5X the traffic of a standard post.

David provides great advice in the marketing of your business.

Alex Howell, Northwestern Mutual

First and foremost – if David has slots available, and you can jump in on a session with him, DO IT! To be honest, I was a bit apprehensive at first given that I had only had contact with him online.

Well, my doubts subsided within about 30 seconds of talking with David.

He was direct with his approach, and there was no filler or BS in our entire 60 minutes together. I was able to take away more in that one hour session and implement it immediately than I have with any type of training I have been through.

I am a fan of brevity, so I won’t drag on about my experience. I honestly feel any advisor could benefit from his coaching sessions!

Riley Solomon, LPL Financial

There are 24 hours in a day and 168 hours in a week. If you are an advisor in the first couple years, do yourself and your business a favor and find at least an hour to spend with David. He has helped me get in the right mentality and provided the tools for this business to BOOM. David, I can’t thank you enough!

C. A., One Charles Private Wealth

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