My Story

When I knew I wasn’t going to be an astronaut or a professional baseball player, I knew I wanted to be a financial advisor. I never grew up with money or the wherewithal to know how to save and plan with it. I figured a career as a financial advisor could help fill both of those voids. My chance came in 2011 when I got the opportunity to start building my financial planning practice while finishing my senior year in college.

I knew I found something that I loved when I kept catching myself skipping classes to go out on client meetings. I loved the rush of meeting someone new and having an impact on them.

After 5 years of building my practice and coaching other advisors to do the same, I began to experience a burnout. I started to fall out of love with advising and kept falling into the trap of trying to make money rather than trying to help someone. This resulted in another 2 years of struggle.

That change in mindset severed relationships, caused my practice to decline in revenue and led me to explore other careers.

In my journey trying to learn other industries, I realized one main thing – this was fun!

See, I will never go and work for someone else so I wasn’t looking for a job, I was looking to learn a new industry so I could build something great.

Throughout my exploration, I met a lot of great people, bought and took great courses and learned a ton of valuable and transferable information.

The resources that these other entrepreneurial industries have are amazing. They made it fun to learn, easy to follow and gave you a feeling of accomplishment as you progressed through their program.

Here’s the kicker – it all led me back “home.” It led me to the industry I knew the best – financial services.

I realized that our industry demographics are changing, yet the way we learn, train and coach has not. The average advisor is in their 50s and the new wave of advisors are coming in. We learn differently, we work differently and we are motivated differently. It is my goal, better yet, it is my commitment to revamp the way we train advisors and the way we help them grow.

So, I decided to leave my practice and went all in on the Financial Advisors’ Alliance.

I’ve decided to push out a TON of content…for free. That’s right, for free. Oh, and by the way – it’s all on the social media channels we are on most of our day. You can try to tell us not go on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Twitter, but let’s be real – It’s not happening. Don’t fight it, let’s just put the information where our attention already is.

This is my mission, my commitment to you – make training fun, engaging and set up to motivate us to learn.

Wait, one more thing I need you to know…

I’m not claiming to be the expert here. Well, sort of. I claim to be an expert on getting advisors off the ground to gain traction to grow. I claim to be an expert on building a unit of advisors who are high performing. Basically, I claim to be an expert to anyone who is one chapter or more behind me. I mean that’s really all an expert is, isn’t it?

Aside from that, I am the messenger. I am the one that’s simply documenting my journey about life’s trials and tribulations. I’m the one that is finding the BEST advisors in the marketplace and having them share their story, share their journey.

I believe and I have experienced that there is so much to learn from someone’s story. So I’ll be the one to cultivate all that amazing content, you just make sure you actually do something with it – it’s on you.

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