Why am I sharing this with you?

I’m doing it for a few reasons

  1. It’s important for you all to know where we are heading. This is just as much your journey as it is mine. We are changing the industry.
  2. It holds me accountable to doing anything and everything in my power to accomplish this vision by making it public for everyone to see.
  3. Some of you will read this, be moved and may want to help us all get there. I’m always open to hearing new ideas and meeting influential and valuable people.

This year has been one of the most rewarding years I’ve ever had. After only 365 days we’ve disrupted an age-old industry and have impacted thousands of advisors along the way. The old way of training, coaching and consulting has been proven to be outdated and The Financial Advisors’ Alliance is the go-to company for firms and advisors to grow and be fulfilled in an ever-changing environment.

We personally coach over 100 advisors, we have group coaching programs that amount to over 500 advisors. We work with 10 of the largest financial planning firms in the nation on their online training and development programs. I’ve flown out to speak on 10 separate occasions, one being the mainstage at LAMP, GAMA’s annual Leadership and Management Program. Our booth at this event has the longest line of people wanting to learn more.

We’ve sponsored training programs for 10 schools that offer a CFP program to their students. We’ve realized the massive opportunity to give these students the practical business skills along with the sales skills to successfully run their practice.

Throughout this growth, we’ve hired 5 other coaches to help coach the advisors as the applications to work with us doesn’t seem to be slowing down. We have a photographer and a videographer on retainer to capture every valuable moment so our audience can get better by absorbing everything we are working on.

One of the most exciting pieces to all of this is based on our increased revenue, is that we’ve been able to lease our own beautiful office space. We have space for group workshops, individual coaching sessions and a screening room to video and shoot all of our content for the advisors we serve. The feeling I get every day I walk into that office is euphoric.

The network that has been created of highly motivated and successful individuals in my group of contacts makes me feel unstoppable. It allows me to focus on growth and impact rather than scarcity. These people are bought in to the vision and help me work relentlessly to impact those around us.

The press we have received as a company is unheard of. We’ve appeared in major news outlets, TV stations, talk shows and finance specific conferences. The publicity we’ve received helps amplify our vision and impacts the lives of so many others that we hadn’t previously had access to.

The fact that it has only been 365 days and we’ve made this much progress has motivated us to work even harder and to have even more impact. We have begun to work on our own 501(c)(3). We’ve decided to allocate a portion of our profits, on top of raising money through charitable events, to our organization in an effort to further help the community around us thrive and prosper. Our goal is to empower as many individuals and families as possible through the development of advisors, financial planning, and giving those less fortunate a leg up to work towards their vision and their goals.

This year was great and it’s exciting knowing that this is just the beginning to a 9-figure company that will continue to lead with impact above all else.