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The Financial Advisors’ Alliance is a multifaceted training, coaching and consulting company created for advisors by advisors.

We believe that the way advisors learn has changed and it will continue to change as more and more Gen Z and Millennials enter this industry. The old way of training in a classroom setting, listening to people lecture about the business is out of date and the new generation of advisors can easily tune out during this early stage in their career. If we couple that with the fact that they can’t review what they just learned at the touch of their fingertips on platforms they use every single day, it tends to not be conducive to a continual learning experience throughout the years. Our goal is to make training fun and practical in an effort to increase the retention of advisors.

We offer a variety of services, both free and paid. The free services include access to the following platforms:

The Exclusive Financial Advisors’ Alliance Facebook Group


Tune in for strategies to help you market your business, build your personal brand and get prospects coming to you!


Quick, easy and immediately implementable strategies to help your business process and management.


Ask anything and everything you want. Myself and our community of advisors will do everything they can to answer your questions and provide you with valuable resources.


Feeling down? Forgetting why you do what you do? Don’t worry about it, that’s normal. Here we are providing you with impact stories from your peers as a constant reminder to impact your clients and community.


This is the best of the best. Here, we interview top advisors from throughout the country to learn about their story, trails and tribulations, successes and failures, best business practices and processes. I believe there is a lot to learn by hearing about someone’s journey. Trust me, you don’t want to miss these.


We spend so much time working in our business that we often forget to work on our business. We’ll provide tips and tricks to helping grow your business and keep it organized.


Although this is my business, you’re part of the journey as well. We want to hear your feedback, encouragement and listen to what you want from us.  For this to be a real community, I must keep you in the loop of what’s going on. Who knows, maybe you’ll be able to help or be inspired to be a part of our team.

Collaboration and Community

Here’s the fun stuff. We are a company. No, we are a group of like-minded advisors that believe in helping others regardless of their company affiliation. We have an abundance mentality and a family feel. We value impacting the lives of others through service and mentorship. Our community that we’ve built, that you’ve built, has your back.

Are you more of a visual learner? Cool, we got you covered.

Each and every one of our interviews, masterclasses and podcasts have a video component for that reason.

Sit back, relax, grab a note book and get ready to learn.

I like to put a face to the name too. Who knows, maybe you’ll run into one of our guests one day…

…when you do, say hi.

Our podcasts are filled with the best of the best. Period.

Not only are you going to hear from the Top Advisors from across the country, but also some great Entrepreneurs.

See, I believe as advisors, it’s important to get outside of our industry “bubble” and hear what other successful people are doing to grow their businesses.

There’s a lot of great nuggets out there in other industries but we often seclude ourselves and therefore fall behind.

It’s no secret that the financial planning industry is not as innovative as others out there so let’s eat a slice of humble pie and learn from them.

Some of these Entrepreneurs may even be in your target market. My hearing their stories, you’ll be prepared to engage in insightful conversations with your prospects. By hearing their trials and tribulations, you’ll be able to be empathetic when you come across a prospect going through the same challenges.

Let’s come together as Entprepreneurs and learn from each other. After all, a Financial Advisor is an Entrepreneur, right??

Check this out. Our team is hard at work developing something that currently is not offered for Financial Advisors.

Imagine walking out of your house and saying

“Alexa, what’s today’s prospecting question?”

“Alexa, what’s today’s fact finding question?”

Alexa, what’s today’s advisor tip of the day?”

Well soon you’ll be able to do just that. You’ll be able to get better and improve your skill set just by asking her a question. I know, pretty cool huh? Talk about multi-tasking.

Paid Services Include

  1. Individual Coaching
  2. Group Coaching
  3. Retreats/Workshops
  4. General Consulting i.e. how to build highly productive teams, both full time and college advisors
  5. Recruiting Consulting
  6. Training Curriculum that is up to date and appealing to “new” advisors
  7. Custom Consulting on a case by case basis

The goal is to create MASSIVE value for advisors of all ages and to encourage them to be lifelong learners. We are doing this by constantly being in front of our advisors on platforms they already spend time on. We are “stripping down” the walls between companies and having all advisors from different companies participate in adding value so the sub culture of individuals can help each other grow regardless of company affiliation. Collaboration is key to growth and to not pay attention to some great “nuggets” just because someone works for a different company can prevent someone’s potential impact on the community.

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