Truth Vibrates The Fastest

Truth Vibrates The Fastest


Often time it’s the toughest thing to share yet we get the best feeling when we tell it.

The truth is something that exposes us for who we really are.

Sometimes we hold back the truth to put on a facade of who we really are in order to give people an image of who we want them to see.

Holding back the truth is difficult. It’s difficult because it boils inside of us, it’s tough to keep our stories straight when we aren’t truthful and it prevents us from living our life freely.

Holding back the truth strains our relationships with our business, our friends, family and ourselves. By not telling the truth, we are constantly living in a frame of mind that isn’t healthy, it holds us back and it makes us feel guilty. Feeling guilt is no way to live because we end up self sabotaging ourselves from growing because we think we don’t deserve it.

So, if so many of hold things inside of us, what’s the benefit of letting it all out?

People are attracted to people who are truthful. I don’t necessarily mean attracted in a physical way, but more so in life in general. People are attracted to truthful professionals, truthful co-workers, truthful family members, truthful lovers and the truth allows us to show our true colors to those people.

The truth allows them to trust you.

On a deeper level, the truth vibrates the universe in such a way that allows great things to come into our lives. Believe in karma? Well that’s what this is. I don’t care if the only person you are lying to is yourself, there’s karma involved in that as well.

If you haven’t been working hard and reaching towards your goals, be truthful with yourself and see how you change.

If you haven’t been truthful with your customers, be truthful with yourself and see how your business grows.

If you haven’t been truthful with your spouse, be truthful with that person and watch your relationship grow.

Sure, the truth may sting at first, but people forgive. It’s better than lying to yourself day in and day out and dragging it along over weeks, month, years or sometimes your entire life.

So go out, come clean, be truthful and see how all aspects of your life improve over time with this one little change.

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