It All Comes Down To Your Belief

It All Comes Down To Your Belief

I know it sounds like some hokey pokey BS but hear me out.

We’ve all heard the saying “I’ll believe it when I see it.” But I want to challenge you to think of it differently. Rather, I want you to say “I’ll see it when I believe it, I’ll achieve it when I see it.”

See, it all starts with belief. Deep down in your soul, in your heart and in your mind, you must believe that things are possible. Things are made “impossible” by your limiting beliefs. You think the first time we went to the moon, everyone was saying “this is impossible, it can’t work.” No way! They knew there could be a way and they believed it could be done. Through hard work, dedication and ACTION, they started to then “see” that it was possible. Through their belief coupled with their vision, they achieved the “impossible” or as they believed, the possible.

This is applicable to anything. Absolutely anything.

Personal story…

A good friend of mine had a training event in Chicago and asked if I wanted to come. He already had a hotel room and all I needed to do was book a flight. A couple beers and $185 later I was going with him.

I had nothing scheduled for out there but I believed I could make it happen. I believed that I could be both productive AND have fun. After all, he was going to be busy all day so I needed to find something to do.

Fast forward a few weeks, I came out to Chicago, kept 8 meetings and have made a ton of progress. I’ve expanded into other industries, met some influential people and have been having an absolute blast while doing it.

I could have easily taken the easy road and just chilled in the room while he was busy but instead I asked for exactly what I wanted. I hit up people I knew and asked who was in Chicago that I needed to meet. From there I had 6 phone calls scheduled and two in person meetings at massive companies brushing shoulders with C Level executives, top producing performers and have began conversations to impact their firms. Mind you this all started over a couple beers with a friend mid day during the week in Boston just a few weeks prior.

I believed it, I saw it and I achieved it. It’s possible the word “impossible” can be broken down into two independent words — “I’m Possible.” You can make anything happen. Believe it, see it, and achieve it. Now go get to work.

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