Your Passion, Your Purpose, Your Motivation

Your Passion, Your Purpose, Your Motivation

Passion. Purpose. Motivation. Tough to find? I think so. Tough to stay motivated? I think so. Well, actually, not really.

For a long time, I sat around thinking about what I wanted to do. I sat around envisioning what my life would look like when I “made it.” I sat around wondering how I would get there. I sat around hoping someone would come to me with “the opportunity.” I sat around waiting…

What I learned was that passion, purpose and motivation never came. If it did, it didn’t last. I was a mirage really.

What I learned was that in order to find passion, you must go out and seek it — it doesn’t come to you while you’re sitting on your couch dreaming. It comes from going out and trying as many things as you can until you finally discover what it is that naturally creates fire inside of you.

Throughout my life I’ve had a number of silly, yet informative and life changing ideas. The ideas themselves weren’t life changing but the learning lessons were. Finding out what your not passionate about is just as important as finding out what you are passionate about. It allows you to check things off the list. It allows you you to meet great people along the way.

Some of my crazy ideas or business ventures include:

  1. A boat detailing and repair business
  2. Being a Financial Advisor
  3. Being a Digital Marketer for Businesses
  4. Trying to drop ship items from China to people in the U.S.
  5. Trying to sell little nick nacks
  6. Contracting myself out to other sales organizations
  7. Learning about crypto currency and “hitting it big” (but never did)
  8. Creating online courses about God knows what
  9. Getting into telecommunication consutrcution

In all of these ventures and ideas, my #1 goal was to make money. My #1 goal was to do the least amount of work and make the most amount of money. Sounds silly when I write that down here actually. What was I thinking then?

But with those ideas/ventures I was never truly myself. My friends noticed, my family noticed but worst of all, I noticed but yet I still pursued them. Silly huh?

Then I discovered my true passion. Helping sales professionals and business owners live up to their true potential through adding value to their audience and customers so that everyone involved could live the life they wanted to.

My #1 focus this time around is to truly lead with value and help as many people as much as I can. Period. And guess what? Money started to come. People started to flock and I finally was able to be myself. I was able to be happy. 

See, I’ve always attached my happiness to the outcome, the result, the money and the toys. This is the first time in my life that I’ve fallen in love with the process. I’ve fallen in love with the grind.

My coach, Dave Meltzer, always says that in order to be successful you must follow the journey of being consistent — every day, persistent — without quit, Enjoyment of the pursuit of your true potential.

When I heard that, it stuck with me. it allowed me to be happy with the grind. Now that I’m in this mindset, I don’t care what negative thing is thrown at me, I’ll turn a positive spin out of it — I can guarantee that. I can’t remember the last “bad” day I’ve had — it’s been a while, that’s for sure.

So in order to find your passion, your purpose and your motivation, quit thinking, quit dreaming and get off the couch and start doing. No one is going to do it for you and it took me years to realize that. I hope this article serves as a catalyst of change for you to start exploring, start taking action and eventually, finding your passion, your purpose and your motivation.

Thanks so much for reading, I do this for you.

-David DeCelle

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