Serve, Connect, Grow – Your Guide to Increasing Your Revenue While Helping Others

Serve, Connect, Grow – Your Guide to Increasing Your Revenue While Helping Others

Throughout my career, any time I’ve focused on building revenue and making money, the growth has always been slow and sometimes the opposite would happen, I would lose money. It was almost like clockwork – whenever I needed money, something bad would happen that caused me to lose money or spend money when I didn’t have it. This became extremely frustrating and I felt like I was running around in circles. Mentors of mine would tell me not to focus on it and to focus on helping those around me. But how could I help other people when I couldn’t even help myself at the time?

It was a difficult concept for me to grasp but I really had no other choice but to try it. In speaking with my mentors and colleagues, they had all experienced similar things and they all gave me the same advice. What did I have to lose but to try?

It all started with serving. I did my best to serve our group of new advisors that I had the opportunity to coach. I led with value and my mission was to make sure they were better off having met me than having not met me. That meant that I gave myself to them , made myself available, was empathetic yet challenged their thoughts. That resulted in them making good money, our program being the #1 program in the country and in turn, putting me in a great financial spot. Looking back, I realized it all started with me leading with value.

They can sense that too. Your clients’ BS radar is pretty strong. They know where your intentions are, not matter how good you think you are. People can smell commission breath from a mile away. So put your ego aside and lead with the people you serve first and they will end up serving you in the needs you have. Your fan base will grow and you’ll have a mini army of people willing to do anything and everything you need in the future because you helped them live their dreams.
In business, it’s all about who you know.
I’ve always struggled with meeting the right people when I was trying to serve my self-interests. Whenever I had an “agenda” in my head and there was a purpose to reaching out to someone that was geared towards me, it never felt sincere.
Another one of my mentors told me to focus on connected two people every single day where I have no financial benefit of doing so. This could be two like-minded business professionals, someone looking to buy a house with a mortgage person or something like that. It may seem difficult to do this every day when you first look at it, but it really isn’t. Every day we overlook opportunities to do this because we don’t see a benefit of it but here’s what happens…
People are grateful, people grow because of the connections you make for them, people end up making money or hitting a goal because of that connection. From there, people, deep down, know that there was no benefit to you for making that connection and therefore feel like they need to return the favor. Over time, these people will come out of the wood works and make great connections for you and your business and your life. I’m living this right now.

The amount of people that I’ve been introduced to from the people I’ve helped in the past is an amount I can’t even count. My businesses have grown to where they are now just from this. People want to help and by connecting them with other people, you’re showing them, indirectly, how they can help you.

So how do you increase your revenue? How do you hit your goals? It’s simple, serve others and connect them with people to help them grow. The universe will come back with the same energy that you put out there. It’s an input game, the more you help, the more you get. Period.

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