Give Big, Give Small, Give Thanks - A Genuine Approach to Building Your Business

Give Big, Give Small, Give Thanks - A Genuine Approach to Building Your Business

Ever feel like building a business can be selfish? Ever feel like you’re always asking for favors and introductions? Do you ever feel guilty going about prospecting or business development the way you were “taught?” We were taught to go out and ask, ask, ask, ask. We were taught that if you went out and got enough “at-bats” eventually you would succeed.

Now, I believe that is true. But I also believe it’s exhausting, insincere, and daunting.

For those of us that are in it for the long game, we can flip this strategy on it’s head and rather than ask, ask, ask — let’s give, give, give.

I believe that for every action you put out into the universe, there’s an equal or greater reaction that occurs over time. Sometimes it’s immediate, sometimes it happen over a long period of time, but either way, if you’re consistent with it then those reactions will be consistent as well.

I also believe that the universe doesn’t know the difference between giving in a huge way or giving in a small way, it’s just recognizes the act of giving. This is an important point — you don’t need to over complicate things, just be in a giving mindset on a daily basis and good things will happen.

Here are 10 examples below to get your juices flowing:

  1. Connect two people every day for the benefit of them, out of the goodness of your heart.
  2. Call two people every day, ask them how they’re doing and listen.
  3. When someone calls you, give them your time and be present.
  4. Give hope to those around you that seem hopeless.
  5. Give thanks. Saying thank you to someone gives them validation that they are doing the right thing and they are appreciated and that positive energy is contagious.
  6. Give a little extra tip at the restaurant you eat at.
  7. Give a hug rather than a handshake.
  8. Give love to those who need it.
  9. Give advice and resources to those who are working hard.
  10. Give your knowledge away for the greater good — aka have an abundant mindset, don’t hoard everything to yourself.

Giving doesn’t need to be donating a ton of money, or taking a day off of work every month to volunteer. No, giving just needs to be a part of your daily routine.

First off, imagine giving on a daily basis — that ripple effect is amazing and the impact you’ll have will be much bigger than you thought.

Second, it makes you feel good. I mean, how can you not when there’s so much positivity happening around you?

Third, you must give without the expectation of anything in return. Believe that good things will come back to you over time, but don’t have the expectation when you’re in the act of giving because then it won’t be sincere.

Here where the magic happens — people wonder why you’re doing it, they want to know what’s in it for you and what’s the point. The point is to give. BUT! When it’s time for you to seek help, seek advice, seek introductions, seek whatever it is you’re looking for — you can now ASK BIG. And when I say big, I mean BIG!

I mean when you walk around giving and helping everyone around you, they feel like they “owe” you, they want to return the favor, they just don’t know how. So over time when you finally ask for that intro to their boss or their colleague or whatever the situation is, they don’t even think twice — that’s their moment — that’s how they can finally “repay” you for all that you’ve done for them. And that is powerful. No more begging for the things you want, no more feeling selfish. You’ve spent so much time being selfless, that you can ask big without any guilt whatsoever knowing that you walk around doing the right thing 100% of the time.

So go and give.

Give without any expectations in return.

When you find an opportunity for someone to help you, ask BIG without any guilt knowing that you deserve it!

But again, this is for people who are in it for the long term. If you give something to someone then the next day ask them for something then that is simply a trade. You have to let the opportunities culminate on their own and pounce as soon as you see them — just don’t do it too quickly.

Thanks for reading!


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